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L-Driver through to Advanced Motorist. Individual and corporate business needs met and catered for.

Pole Position Driving School, based in Kidderminster, West Midlands, delivers tuition for ‘new-start’ learner car drivers and bike riders alike. A professional, quality service combined with patient, sympathetic instruction affords each candidate the very best opportunity to pass his or her driving test as laid down by the Driving Standards Agency DSA.
Real benefits to the pupil are modern effective teaching techniques whilst using the latest SXI Vauxhall Corsa, complete with air-con and dual controls for your comfort and safety.
Driving is a “life skill” and with the ever increasing number of vehicles on our roads, successful driving can be demanding, often hectic, although once mastered, very rewarding.
Today, the DSA driving test reflects the need for All new road users to be better prepared, more vigilant, with heightened road awareness and better 'Road Craft' skills. The driving test is tough and country wide, first time pass rates are low…! As we all know, accident rates are unacceptably high, so, as a consequence, higher levels of driver competency are essential.
Pole Position Driving School will provide you with those vital driving skills and offer you the best chance to pass your test and prepare you proficiently for that safe journey ahead.
Bikes & Cars, don't forget to ask about FAST TRACK, your effective way to the open road.

05 Black Corsa, tinted windows, sports wheels, complete with dual controls and air conditioning.


Summerhill, Kidderminster, WORCS, DY11 6BU
Office:- 01562 742 897, Mobile:- 07812 120 271,

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